What I learned about the other side

This weekend I had an out-of-body experience that was absolutely heavenly and divine.

I never knew astral projection was real. I felt myself dreaming in my dream in my dream. So many levels of dreaming.

I felt my loved ones next to me. In each dream, I heard and had a loved one next to me giving me such a warm feeling and assuring me that it would be okay.

In the last level, my mom was next to me and then I my spirit left my body and went to the highway.

My spirit was flowing higher and higher and going across the whole earth. …

It’s not what you think.

80% of foster children end up in prison.

We have a culture of individualism and say:

“If you’re not successful, it’s your fault”.

Often times, we blame people for ending up the way they end up.

What I don’t understand is how people can completely blame a kid who has nothing and act surprised when they end up a criminal, dead, homeless, a drug addict, or in jail.

You’re born and your parents abandon you.

You get to foster care. After a while you get placed in a home where you’re neglected and sexually abused.

You go to school and kids bully you for not having parents.


She lived the hardest life you can imagine.

Photo by Maranatha Pizarras on Unsplash

At the beginning of the year, I received a comment on my blog from a 16 year girl planning to kill herself on January 16th.

From her message, she had a lived a very painful life and that was just the start. She only shared a fraction of her pain and the worst was yet to come.

We exchanged contacts and started messaging.

She said I didn’t have to help and I don’t have to care, but I learned when people say that it means you should help even more.

We first started by sharing the music we listened to…

It’s not what you think.

Photo by Matt Botsford on Unsplash

If I’m being totally honest about this year, I have reached a point where everything is empty and I am numb to all joy.

It’s weird to feel this way when you’re usually so emotionally sensitive, passionate and purpose-driven.

I even feel alone when I’m with people I know.

The good part is I’ve dumped a lot of emotional baggage, insecurities and toxic habits. I’ve also learned a lot more about myself through self-reflection. I even saw a therapist earlier this year.

The bad part is that I have a long way to go. But that’s not necessarily bad, right?

“I’m a lost cause”

After a long day at work, I came home, threw my backpack to the ground and curled up in bed. Before I was about to take a nap, I browsed Reddit and came across a post with a boy saying he wanted to end his life along with his pain and misery.

“My mother is abusive and controlling. I absolutely hate school and no one understands me. I have nothing to live for and once I’m gone everything will be all better.”

I scrolled down the post and saw that the comments were not assuring or helpful towards solving his…

Guidance I gave to a student looking to jumpstart their UX Career

Here’s a guide to making a design portfolio. Refer to this as a user research guide. It’s absolutely amazing and comprehensive: https://uxrfieldguide.com.

What books should I read to learn more about design?

Here’s a great introduction to product design thinking.

Great books are:

Design of Everyday Things — Great for the fundamentals of design thinking.

Don’t Make Me Think — To help understand the principles of intuitive navigation and information design.

100 Things Every Designer Needs To Know About People — In order to be a great designer, you need to understand people.

More book suggestions.

How can I make the most out of my college experience without being in a major that I really want to do?

If you have found out that your major won’t be beneficial to what you directly want to do in your career, that’s okay. I advise you start to build your portfolio as much as you can. Do side projects…

Featuring Alan Jou

Meet Ajita

Ajita came to GetCareerAnswers for a clear path forward to improving as a Product Manager. Currently she’s working as an associate PM in a small healthcare IT company with 15 people. Since it’s a startup, her responsibilities are all over the place, she has to wear multiple hats, learn on the fly, and doesn’t have a mentor to structure what she does or learns. Before that, she’s worked as a web developer before and focuses on UX/UI and product strategy.

Don’t expect everyone’s intentions to be as pure as yours


Here’s a life lesson that I’ve had for those who trust too easily

While your intentions are clear because you’re a naturally honest person, don’t expect the same from everyone else. People will keep you in the dark in order to maximize their options to get what they want. It’s human nature.

This can apply to many scenarios such as:

  • A company interviewing you for MULTIPLE rounds of interviews to find out they are going with another candidate they already sent an offer to. The company wanted to make sure you weren’t exponentially better.
  • Giving a signed contract, hiring and training them to find out that they are actively searching for other jobs
  • A friend making plans with you only to…

Featuring Alyssa Murray

Meet Timothea

Timothea is a design major going into her Senior Year at UC Davis. She’s focused on visual and brand design. She is looking to prepare accordingly for work, continue to build her portfolio and get more details into the workflow of a freelancer.

Rohit Tigga

On a mission to improve youth mental health. imhereandcare.com

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